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July 2011
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By Jon Swain

It’s now mid-June and the glorious English weather is playing tricks. After the driest start to the summer in living memory, resulting in parched grounds and dusty wickets, it is now raining all the time. At least we may get the chance to roll the outfield into something flatter!

It must be this topsy-turvy weather which has upset the normally serene progress of the 1st XI batsmen. On a succession of easy-paced home wickets and the odd good one away, we managed to snatch defeat from the jaws of victory four times. Also beaten by the league leaders, we find ourselves propping up the Premier Division. However, the tide has turned and our first win of the league campaign came against Monks Risborough, following a fine century from Warren Davies.

The 2nd XI is shaping up well, with excellent performances from younger players, James Pinkney scoring a marvellous 86 and George Perceval taking four wickets in four balls.

The junior teams are performing well, even when not winning. It’s taking part that counts. One of our occasional players, Alex Morgan, has achieved the remarkable feat, at 17, of scoring 1000 runs before the end of May. 270 of those came in two consecutive innings for us; batting of the highest quality.

Friday nights are as popular as ever, providing the first steps in cricket for possible England captains.
We are always looking for more players, so don’t worry if you haven’t played for a long time; village cricket is a ‘house with many mansions’ and there are opportunities for all.

Contact us at; we would love to hear from you. We need umpires, scorers and enthusiasts of all sorts too. All are welcome.

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