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July 2011
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The LeeWay Support Group - Coffee and cakes…
By Mike Senior

Coffee, biscuits and delicious cake! All enjoyed by those who attended a coffee morning at Mulberry Lodge on Thursday 9th June to support LeeWay. There was a good selection of raffle prizes and lots of bargains on the Bring and Buy Stall.

 The main pleasure was probably getting together with friends and neighbours to relax and chat. However, the morning also achieved its serious aim of raising money to fund the various expenses involved in starting up the LeeWay organisation, The sum of £280 was raised and this was supplemented by a most generous cheque from Mrs Stewart-Liberty (£300) and another donation from a member of the LeeWay Group. Altogether it came to £630, a magnificent achievement. Thank you to all who contributed in so many ways. In addition, the Parish Council has donated a very welcome £300 to the LeeWay – so, now the organisation is solvent!

…and a LeeWay telephone

LeeWay has now set up a dedicated telephone line so that those villagers who require help can contact a member of the LeeWay team direct. The number, which is 837177, will be advertised every month in the Newsletter. The LeeWay is a parish help group, so if you are unable to get to the shops or the doctor, etc. or would welcome a visit and a chat, then just ring the LeeWay number.

 If you would like to know more about the LeeWay or would like to be a LeeWay volunteer, please ring Mary Dovey on 837349. So far, LeeWay has responded to over 50 requests for help – a good start.

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