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September 2011
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Early signs of autumn abound
By Reina Free

In the second week of June I noticed a very slight changing in the colours of the leaves – also ‘whisperings’ of subdued melancholy – but I decided to ignore it as a figment of my imagination.

Now we are in the third week of July, and what did I see this morning? The leaves are really changing colour. The honeysuckle, some in bloom, some already with berries. I picked my first blackberry. The ‘lords and ladies’ (cuckoopint) did become one, celebrating their union in a showing of bright orange berries. The squirrels are feasting on the hazelnuts and beechnuts.

Some ferns are already bending. The ‘fire in the wood’ (rose bay) are already changing in their fluffy cardigans.
Lovely precious memories: the wedding of Wills and Kate, celebration on the Green. The dancing of the hokey-cokey. The Church Fête. The Flower Show. Miranda May Ogley’s dedication in the garden of the Cock & Rabbit.

Maybe it all went by so very, very quickly but after all is said and done it was a good summer – a very good summer.
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