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September 2011
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shop staff Future bright for new-look parish shop
By Barnaby Usborne

Business at the shop continues to flourish and thanks to the hard work of the management and volunteer staff we produce a steady surplus which has encouraged us to refresh the shop’s decor. Five Polish decorators worked overnight in mid-August to give the shop a face-lift without any inconvenience to customers. Only very alert shoppers will have noticed the subtle change in colour and the early morning smell of paint.

Some expenditure is even less visible. We have just spent nearly £900 on paper bags! The original stock of 50,000 bags bearing the shop logo was bought in a display of confidence when the shop first opened in 2007. This had been used up and its replacement now weighs down the ceiling above and should last for a further four years.

Customers obviously welcome our new cake supplier as sales of cakes have now doubled. Friday, when both the cakes and Chris Field’s marvellous flowers are delivered, has become the peak day for sales and both products sell quickly.

Having paid off our £15,000 bank loan the shop committee has been debating how best to use any funds surplus to our future needs. We could reduce prices or we could contribute to community ventures in the parish. Our constitution limits such payments to “social or charitable purposes compatible with the objects of the Association” and any such payment has to be decided at a General Meeting. We have some ideas but your suggestions are welcome.
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