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September 2011
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bucks cc How the Lee Forum can work for you
By Colin Sully and Andrew Burnett

Chris Syer’s comments about the response he got recently when posting a query about accountants to The Lee Forum (see Your Letters) prompts us to remind everyone of how useful this site can be.

In the past 12 months it has been used:
  • to keep people up-to-date with the fast-moving HS2 debate
  • by people wanting to dispose of fixed assets (oak flooring, a garden shed, a piano)
  • as a way of alerting other people to actual and potential crime
  • for lost and found items: pigeons, a cat, loose horses, distant relatives... and a briar pipe!
We now have over 300 local users. To post a message, just visit The Lee Forum at and log-in to the Forum.

Two other reminders:
  1. you can choose whether to receive notification by email that a new topic has been started on the Forum and whether you want to be kept informed of the subsequent messages on that topic.
  2. when you receive an email notification of a new message on the Forum do not click ‘Reply’ as this will simply send an email to the site administrator. Instead click on the line below “To view this message” and then reply within the Forum itself.
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