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September 2011
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Lee Flower Show 2011
By Jonathan Batten

The great British summer dumped six hours of persistent rain on us during the critical period on the Saturday morning when we were setting up the show – but although our bodies were dampened our spirits were not, and the great Big Society of The Lee and its environs rallied together to enjoy the rest of the day and night despite all that could be thrown at us.

I could go on about the wonderful array of exhibits in a slightly soggy marquee, the rain-sodden side shows, the slippery races and the muddy dog show, the proud cup winners and the 284 people who ‘got jumpin’ at the dance in the evening, but most of you were there splashing through the puddles so you know what it was all about.

Without the effort put in by so many people the flower show and the dance would not happen so thanks to all of you who played a part – it is not a small task and help is sought from and willingly given by many.

One of our main challenges was dealing with car parking, or rather the lack of our usual parking arrangements because of the weather conditions. We did our best to try and protect the cricket field from damage, so traffic management and driver-calming was a skill quickly learned. Thank you again to all of you who stoically coped with the difficult conditions and joined in to make it a day to remember.
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