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September 2011
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Rain fails to stop play at village Fête
By Catherine Larmour

As yet another gazebo gave itself up to the gusty wind and flew away across the green on the morning of the fête, and Franco’s (second) tent made several determined attempts at freedom, it was hard to see how the event itself could possibly enjoy the success of previous years. The forecast for the afternoon was iffy to say the least. So we just had to hope that people would turn up… and turn up they did. It seems that no amount of meteorological ghastliness can stop the great British public (especially the stalwarts of The Lee and surrounds). Frankly, at points in the afternoon it tipped it down and I’m sure someone mentioned building an Ark as everyone huddled together in the relatively luxurious confines of the cake and Police tents.

As the fête was declared open by Bridget Harrison – a.k.a. Brown Owl – and her Brownies, the first optimists had already arrived on the Green. And happily, they kept arriving in numbers.

Great fun was had by all… especially those with waterproofs. Cream teas and ice creams were eaten (many thanks to Beechdean Ice Creams for giving us such a great deal), games of skill and chance were played, goods were sold, ponies were ridden and the hugely popular Neddy the donkey did his customary laps of the Green with cartfuls of delighted passengers.

The outcome of all this merriment was a very happy total of £4,849 for St John the Baptist Church, and this was augmented by a hugely generous £5,000 from Mrs Stewart-Liberty for the upkeep of the churchyard. We also owe thanks to her, of course, for the use of the Green.

So, all in all, a great outcome and one that could not have been achieved without the tireless efforts of all the fantastic helpers – too many people to thank here individually.

We’re looking for a new committee to organise the fête in 2012, so if you’d like to get involved please contact me on 837309. Thank you.
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