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September 2011
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cricket club Season brings mixed fortunes
By Jon Swain, Chairman, The Lee Cricket Club

As I write it is mid-August and the dreamy time of high summer, with long, hot days, early morning dew on the grass, church bells in the distance, and old maids riding their cycles through the lanes. Oh, and rioters and looters not so far away.

July was a disappointment for its weather, which must have explained the continuing lack of success for the 1st XI. We are playing like India against England: too many ageing players playing from memory. Having said that, we recorded a fine win against Ley Hill. We had five players over 50, they had one player in his 40s and the rest 20 or less. Triumph of experience over raw talent.

The 2nd XI has had mixed fortunes but has reached the final of the KO Cup on 4th September, a great achievement. Our Sunday side has also had ups and downs, but like the 2nd XI provides opportunities for players of all ages and abilities. The game against the Chairman’s XI resulted in a reversal of last year’s result, with the Chair’s XI comprehensive winners.
The junior cricket is now finished and our most successful team was the U17s, brilliantly organised by Josh Porter and Harry Rice. They have shown the older ones what a blend of enthusiasm and initiative can achieve. They were second in their league and team spirit was their greatest strength. We look forward to them contributing to the club, in all ways, for years to come.

My grateful thanks go to all who coached and managed junior teams, and to the three captains who have worked hard to put teams together each week. We are always looking for more players, so don’t worry if you haven’t played for a long time; village cricket is a ‘house with many mansions’ and there are opportunities for all. Contact us at; we would love to hear from you. We need umpires, scorers and enthusiasts of all sorts too. All are welcome.

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