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September 2011
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To the Editor:
Very many thanks to everyone who took the trouble to reply to my query on The Lee Forum. I am most impressed with the response from the website – I thought I might get one or two replies if I was lucky, but have received no fewer than 11. It is also good to learn that there appear to be several decent accountancy firms out there, as I was beginning to doubt it.
Chris Syer
The Lee

To the Editor:
I would like to thank those involved in running this year’s Flower Show personally, as I was lucky enough to win the Visitors’ Cup, which came as a bit of a surprise. It topped a great day. You all did a sterling job despite the weather and it was a fun day out. The Lee itself is a beautiful village that has a lot going for it, but your Show adds to what already is a lovely place to be. So you all need congratulating on what an attraction you have produced.
I have been inspired to go back and defend my trophy next year and will be entering all three visitors’ classes – vegetable, fruit and cultivated flowers – as this year I felt a bit of a fraud winning such a huge trophy for five measly shallots!

So thanks again, the cup sits proudly on display here in my front room and I will be back up Frith Hill with it next year!
Sam Morgan
Great Missenden

To the Editor:
Although it is some time now since The Flower Show we would like to say thank you to all those involved in the show who spend hours organising and working hard, throughout the year and on the day, to ‘put the show on the road’ – headed by team leader Jonathan Batten.

Thank you once again to all those ‘unsung heroes’.
Pat and Dick Chinnery
Swan Bottom

To the Editor:
Though your Letters Page could I thank all the cake-makers and ladies who helped me run the tea stall at this year’s Lee Fête. Despite the typically English summer weather many cups of tea were sipped and lots of cake eaten – even outside in the rain!
Wendy Robertson
Potter Row

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