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October 2011
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Beavering about
By Fiona Jones

1st Lee Common Beaver Scouts started the autumn term at full capacity, with a group of 20 Beavers aged 6-8.

The term will include badge work, outdoor activities (before it gets too dark) and community-related activities, such as being part of the Remembrance Day service in The Lee, a trip to the pantomime and carol singing at Woodlands Park nursing home.

The summer term was enjoyed by all and focused on spending as much time as possible outdoors. The Beavers completed various badges devoted to keeping fit, eating healthily and trying new sports. Highlights of the term included trying tennis and mini-rugby; a trip to the woods; a hot day at Longridge Activity Centre on the Thames at Marlow with kayaking, climbing and dragon boating; and a trip to Old Amersham by scout bus (all singing heartily), where the boys floated home-made boats on the river and enjoyed an end-of-term picnic.

Twelve Beavers were awarded the Chief Scout Bronze Award, the highest award for Beaver Scouts. Well done to you all!

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