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October 2011
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HS2 protest 1 HS2: action stations again
By Kathryn Gurney

The last couple of weeks have seen further developments in the HS2 story.

First: the Economist produced an editorial entitled “The Great Train Robbery: High speed rail lines rarely pay their way. Britain’s Government should ditch its plan to build one” ending with the words “Britain still has time to ditch this grand infrastructure project – and should”.

Secondly: The Backbench Business Committee of the House of Commons has secured a full parliamentary debate on HS2, to be held on 13th October.

Clearly a debate in parliament will bring an opportunity to expose the full impact of HS2 – to the nation, as well as to those along the route. But the debate brings a threat too. There is no doubt that the pro-HS2 supporters will be keen to take every opportunity to lobby parliament. So we need to be ready to do the same.

If you are a member of the Chiltern Ridges Action Group (against HS2) you will receive a draft letter to send to friends and family around the country to send to their MPs, along with links to the government petition. Please take a few minutes to do this. We need all the help we can get.

Sally Knowles is the membership secretary and can be reached at: or via the village shop.

HS2 protest 2 Press release 13th September: HS2 – Final session of the Transport Select Committee
The final session of the Transport Select Committee took place on 13th September at Portcullis House in Westminster. Extra TV relay rooms had been set up to accommodate the extensive media coverage and public attendance at the meeting which attracted widespread interest.

Witnesses for HS2 Ltd attended the session at 2:15 pm followed by Philip Hammond, Secretary of State for Transport. Anti-HS2 campaigners demonstrated their opposition to HS2 outside Portcullis House but were asked to remove their campaigning

T-shirts before being allowed inside to attend the session.

Meanwhile, just around the corner, the impressive nine feet tall ‘STOP HS2’ inflatable white elephant stole the show outside the Houses of Parliament at a photo shoot intended to highlight the anti-HS2 campaigners’ cause. Opponents to HS2 from all along the proposed route, from Westminster to Warwickshire, were represented at the photo shoot.

“The White Elephant caused quite a stir as it was carried along the streets of Westminster, many passers-by enquired about what HS2 stood for, which further demonstrated how many members of the general public are still unaware of the Governments proposed spending of £33 billion of public money on this White Elephant of a project” said our own Anthea Hartley.

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