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October 2011
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The LeeWay makes 100
By Mike Senior

We are not really in the numbers game – quality in terms of responding with concern and sensitivity and in reasonable time is more important. But it is worth recording that The LeeWay team has now answered over a hundred requests for assistance from parishioners of The Lee.

Considering that LeeWay has been operating for only eight months that is something that can give us all some satisfaction. It also shows that a need is being met – a necessary extension to the care already being given by family and neighbours.

We have 40 LeeWay voluntary helpers and their readiness to make car journeys, sit and chat and generally lend a helping hand is now a feature of our community. We still need more helpers to spread the load. We also want to hear from any parishioner who needs some help. If you would like to learn more just ring either Mary Dovey (837349) or our dedicated number (837177) – we would be pleased to hear from you.

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