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October 2011
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To the Editor:
Tom Jones sang of the green, green grass of home – I chose the blue, blue fields of The Lee – Chris’s acres of fantastic linseed, borage and phacelia have been a sight to behold these past weeks and, I hope, provide nectar for our beloved bees and winter forage for the birds.

The Church fête pulled off another terrific day in spite of daunting conditions. The stalwart team soldiered on with enormous faith and industry, for which I have the greatest respect. I cannot say with sufficient emphasis how much I admire them.

Worry, work and wringing towels while rescuing tents and gazebos is tough. From the bottom of my shaky heart I say thank you to a great team.

Liz Stewart-Liberty
The Lee

muntjac To the Editor:
Conversation with friends about the ‘Big 5’ on an African safari turned into a discussion of what might make up the ‘Big 5’ on a Chilterns safari.

We all agreed that Muntjac, Glis Glis and Red Kite had to be on the list but failed to agree on another two. Badger? Roe deer? Fox? Wallaby? Grey squirrel? Llama!

Do readers have any thoughts?

Colin Sully
Darkest Swan Bottom

To the Editor:
Last year I had the privilege of being invited to the most glamorous party of the year in The Lee.
I am a woman who does not usually wear a great deal of makeup, I do not even know how to put it on, yet I decided for this ‘fabioso party’ that I needed to look the part.

So I asked Adele, whose advertisement was in the September edition of this Newsletter, to make up my face and do my nails (I do a lot of gardening!).

Professional and very patient, she made me look quite glamorous, giving me the confidence to go. I wish her every success, she is a clever professional who does a really good job.
Reina Free
Kings Ash

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