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November 2011
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By Jon Swain
jon swain It’s a mixed report this year. Some of our junior teams have been very  successful with their results, with the U14s winning their league, and the U17s coming second in theirs. Results aren’t everything though and all the junior teams have been run with great commitment. For me, with this club being at the heart of our community and village, it is wonderful to see so much enthusiasm for the game.
As I review the adult cricket, it is clear that the club is at something of a crossroads. The 1st XI ended up being relegated from the Premier Division of our league. That probably is a reflection of lack of regular availability from players. This, in turn, causes problems for the 2nd XI, with players having to move up. Despite this, the 2nd XI did really well. The Sunday team, too, was run with great enthusiasm and like all the teams, the players really enjoyed themselves. We have had a period of unprecedented success over the last 15 years or so. We have been a real force in the local league, winning the KO Cup twice, running a good 2nd XI as well, which has twice contested its KO Cup. We have provided opportunities for young players to step up to adult cricket and their maturity has been great to see. Our Sunday team has also done the same, in the context of hard-fought friendly fixtures.
Editors Note: Jon has done an outstanding job for the club and was voted Clubman of the year. The photo shows Jon with incoming Chairman Matt Line.

We have re-built our clubhouse into a wonderful facility, having raised all the money to do so ourselves. We have overcome real difficulties such as planning issues with the nets and clubhouse and provided qualified coaches for the benefit of all. Our best youngsters are now moving on to bigger clubs and higher standards of cricket; they are still welcome back whenever they can make themselves available and they are still helping with the coaching on Friday nights. Others who love playing at The Lee have stayed and are also contributing enormously. However, we could do with more players and so anyone who would like to play would be very welcome.

This is my last Newsletter article as chairman. I have decided to step down to allow others, with fresh ideas, to take the club forward. During my time as chairman I have been lucky enough to have the support of a committee, with a variety of people taking on the roles required to run a club like this. I am really grateful to them all. It has been great fun. I step down knowing that the heart of the club beats as strongly as ever. I now look forward to playing as a ‘backbencher’.
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