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November 2011
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nimby From the Editor
By Gilbert Nockles

A few days ago I had the privilege to join a group walking in the fields behind Hunts Green Farm towards Three Bears Cottage. In nearly half a century none of the family had been there. Standing in the fields looking towards Dutchlands Farm and Wendover Dean the old adage that a picture is worth a thousand words becomes all too apparent. The view is just fantastic and you truly understand how magnificent a place we live in. As the wanton vandals in their Westminster ivory towers plough on with their plans to vandalise our countryside, perhaps the time is approaching when reasoned, evidence-based argument must give way to vigorous political revolution if the Government does not safeguard its people and their natural rights.

Weighty stuff for the Newsletter!

As we approach the darker evenings there is plenty to look forward to: the Roving Supper, Bonfire Night and Fireworks and the Newsletter Dinner. We are celebrating our 10th anniversary although we can perhaps trace our origins back over a hundred years to the inauguration of the Lee Parish Magazine.

In this issue we have reports on the Scouts’ ‘Staycation’ in South Devon, news of changes at the Village Choir, Part 10 of The Lee History and much more. A special request: we need your letters. Wake up readers and tell us what you think!

Your editor for next months edition is Peter Archer. Please send your contributions to him by email at or Red Lion House, Red Lion Hill by 13th November.

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