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December 2011
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fort opening Playground renovation appeal
By Christine Thomas

Four generations have enjoyed our playground, built on land passed on to the parish by the Liberty family after the First World War. However, the swings and the ‘Eric Hobbs famous fort’ (built by Andrew Stacey, a former parish council chairman; pictured left) are now over 30 years old. It’s time for some ‘playground TLC’, equipment replacement and hopefully some valuable enhancements. Unfortunately playgrounds don’t come cheap. The Lee Parish Council is applying for a grant to undertake all this but we need your help and support.

As part of the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee, grants are being made available to playing fields provided that protective covenants are put in place to ensure that dedicated areas remain used for this sole purpose. The parish council will be undertaking this separately. A landfill company, SITA, has set up a Trust which is making available £1 million nationally for playground improvement. These grants are for up to £25,000 per scheme. However the local community must contribute 11.5% of the amount applied for. Our application needs to be submitted by the end of February, and a £20,000 grant application requires us to find £2,300.

We think that £20,000 would help us to fully renovate the existing equipment and to provide some additional exciting new equipment for children of all ages.

The grants will be pro-rata so if we raise less, we will be granted less, but we would like to see how much we can raise. The parish council will also be making a contribution but we will need some additional funding.
Therefore we would like to find some good-spirited folks who would be willing to work alongside the parish council in helping to drive this local initiative.

We would also love to hear from the children themselves, parents and grandparents. In particular what do they think of the playground and what can be done to improve it?

We understand that there are many demands on household funds at the moment but we feel that some timely investment here will help us provide something significant and lasting for future generations.
Please contact Peter Hammond by email or phone 837231.

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