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December 2011
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Silent Night, Holy Night
By Reina Free

As I walk along Kings Lane in the stillness of the early morning, with just the sound of the wind and the rustling of the leaves, I am consciously aware that in the world in which we live, where so many upsetting things seem to happen almost every day, how very badly we need times of stillness and solitude. Time to think, to reflect, to assess what is really important and what is not!!

Soon we will celebrate Christmas – Holy Night, Silent Night; The Baby in the Manger; Mary and Joseph; the Christ Child not a baby anymore, now the Christ Man.

Pondering about this, if I really believe all this, then my understanding must enter a different depth and have a deeper dimension.

For God in His All Mightiness, All Knowing, All Seeing is ultimately in charge of all people and all things. I quietly think “if this is so, why is there so much suffering in the world, so much injustice?”

Can it be that He gave us permission to exercise free will, to make choices, decisions both good and bad. It could well be. After all, we are people not puppets.

The big problems of the world we are quite unable to change, but in the small things we can make a difference, a change for good. For example, setting time aside to have a ‘word’, being compassionate and gentle, and finding excuses for one another.

In spite of all this, God is with us always and may this awareness give us hope and be our very own Christmas present to each and every one of us to comfort us through the uncertainties of the coming year.

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