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December 2011
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bucks cc The Leeside Nursery
By Joy Heels

We continued with the theme of ‘Nursery Rhymes’ for the rest of October. ‘Jack and Jill’ was first: what a lot of uses vinegar has from cleaning windows to keeping cut-flowers fresh. The children were provided with brown paper strips and pretend vinegar to wrap the teddies’ heads up in at the toy hospital. We had lentils to fill containers indoors and water outdoors representing Jack and Jill's pails.

The children filled their buckets with pine cones and leaves and went up the hill behind the tennis court. Of course some of them couldn't resist rolling back down and got very dusty. They made fairy cakes hoping they would rise when cooked to represent a hill (which they did) and the craft activity was the mouse, running down a clock in ‘Hickory Dickory Dock’.

‘Baa Baa Black Sheep’ was next; counting sheep, painting sheep in meadows and collages with fluffy material were to be seen in the nursery. Outside, sheep were hidden for the children to find. One messy activity was: one hand print black, one hand print white, then rub hands together; what colour does that make? The children learned about how sheep are sheared to make wool for their jumpers and were shown how knitting was done.

After half term we had a week of ‘harvest’ – all sorts of vegetables were brought into nursery to see and to learn about. They guessed which was the heaviest and weighed them to see if they were right. Soup was made and tasted; some liked it, others were not so sure. They drew pictures of their favourite vegetable – surprisingly broccoli was one of the most popular. Cans of food were brought in to be donated to the Trussell Trust food bank.
That week was also nearest to the  5th November, so the children were busy making firework pictures and model rockets; they also helped stuff the Guy for the village bonfire.

The next week was all about trees; how some lose their leaves and others are evergreen. Lots of leaves were collected and bark rubbings were made on a walk round Grove Wood, which everyone enjoyed. The leaves were then used to identify which tree they came from and lots of collages were made.

Hibernation and migration are planned for the next two weeks.

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