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The Newsletter is published 10 times a year and distributed free within the Parish. We welcome all letters and articles of general interest and relevance to The Lee. The views expressed are not necessarily those of the Editor.
Copy should be sent by the 12th of the previous month to the Editor.
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Your Letters
A Jubilee Wood: what do you think?
HS2 rumbles on.. and on...
Playground renovation
Crafting the arts
Lee Common School
Carols and canapes
Remember them
Our vulnerable God
Bonfire night in Lee Common
The Lee WI
Road closure by Old Swan
Painting with plants
Jessica's Dream
Chiltern Ridges news
The Lee Flower Show
When I was a little girl

Picture of the month:
Happy New Year!

Well! What do you know? No. 5 Religious telerance

Your Letters
'Contact the Elderly'
comes to The Lee

HS2 campaign 'bugging' Minister
Chiltern Ridges
Christmas countdown starts here!
Bonfire and Fireworks
News from Fromelles
Kings Lane story
Shop@The Lee
The Swan Bottom Ladies'
Culture Club

The marks of conflict
by Revd David Burgess

Roving Supper
Want to make your own wine?
Western Front: September 2012
Lee Common School
Where are we?
Wild about Robinson
The Lee WI
Well, what do you know?
No.4 Visiting the Lees

Picture of the Month:
Lost County!

Your Letters
The Hunger Games
By Revd David Burgess

HS2: My view
By Cheryl Gillan MP

Bonfire and Fireworks
HS2 Update
Help us to Celebrate!
The view from County Hall
Clerks' Corner: Grow your own!
Tales of the Raj!
Roving Supper
Dr Peter Dovey: a tribute
Desperately seeking...
From the Forum
If only... by Reina Free
Lee Common School
Parish Council up to strength
Raising funds for wildlife
The Lee WI
Shrinking the English landscape

Picture of the Month:
Thomas Still

Your Letters
It's that time of year again
Case for HS2 is crumbling fast
Playground gets green light!
Flower Show thrives in new location
Beating the Olympic Drum
Fund-raiser is a racing cert!
Your Council needs you!
In search of Jenny Witney
Dance your way to fitness
Lee Common School
Dial-a-ride can take you places!
Lee man carries torch!
Get you fire risks checked
News from Chiltern Ridges
Red Cross Collection
Katete offers hope to disabled
Love in the air!
Volunteering: it's not just for the Olympics!
Renaissance blooms again
This green and pleasant land
Do you want superfast 

Poetry Corner

Picture of the Month:
Amos Ensemble

Your Letters
A local archive for The Lee?
Jubilant Jubi-Lee!
In praise of the Senior servive
Cherry Tree Jubilee!
Lee Common School
Get ready for the best of summer...
Need a Mug?
Photo-finish is postponed!
The Lee WI
Reflecting at leisure
Such a pity... and yet?
A way of life
A community-owned pub
for Ballinger?

Great Missenden library:
latest news

Diamonds of the Chilterns
Peter Leslie: A tribute
Potter Row wedding
Update on Fromelles
Road Closure - 5th July
The Chiltern Society at work
in The Lee

Leeside Nursery making boats
The Lee's got talent!

Picture of the month:
The Lee Jubilee mug

Your Letters
HS2 update
Chiltern Ridges report
Enlightenment from the dark ages
If music be the food of love...
It's a blast from the past!
Invitation to tea
Lee Common School
Jewel in a Crown
The Lee WI
Memories of the Coronation
The Lee History Booklet road show
Tribute to our Queen
Luton Airport Expansion
Meeting your Maker
The Lee Cycle Tours: No.19
Peter Leslie (1921-2012)
Which Council does what?
Picture of the month:
Invitation to tea

The Lee Flower Show

Your Letters
Barn Dance at The Lee
Clerk's Corner
Jubilee Celebration
'Springtime' at The Old Church
Rebublican rant!
HS2 update: JRs and CFs
Moorish courtyard culture
Taking the high speed train to Europe
Well! what do you know?
No.3 It's all in the name!

Mind the gap!
By Revd David Burgess

Gt Missenden library: where to now?
New Tricks at Park Cottage
Lee Common School
Five years of trading
Open Garden at Kingswood House
The Lee Flower Show
Study in Corps Command
Picture of the month:

The Bassano family and Sophia Rahman at The Old Church

The Lee WI
You either see it or you don't
Your cricket club needs you!

Your Letters
Well! What do you know? No. 2
The highs and lows of The Lee

Allotments for Scouts and school children
Lee Common School
Chiltern Ridges report
Bechstein bat alert
Diamond Jubilee celebrations
LeeWay tea party
HS2 update
Precept rising
Cleaning up The Lee
Open Garden at Kingswood House
New energy for The Lee
Handy person service
More Lee history
Community oil buying scheme
The Lee Flower Show
Iain Rennie - Grove House
Scouts foil village shop break-in
The Lee WI
Digital switchover

Picture of the month:
Tom Brockett turns the first turf

Your Letters
Council launches HS2 challenge
Digital date
HS2: The fight-back starts!
Man appeal
So, what exactly is a billion?
A special welcome
Well! What do you know?
No.1 Social housing

Springtime! A special concert
with the Bassano family

Playground bid
Two into one does go!
The 'Motorways' are coming!
Thieves foiled by Lee Scouts!
Leeside Nursery
Bridle plans
It had to happen... and it did!
Christmas lunch date
Rubbish date
Picture of the month:
Golden Jubliee revisited

Swimming sixties
The Lee Flower show - 2012
The Diamond Jubilee

Your Letters
100th edition Celebrations!
HS2: Now the gloves are off!
HS2: How new proposals affect you!
Carols and canapes Leeside Nursery
Lee Common School
The Lee W I
Entente grows more cordiale
Hunting in numbers
Keep those burglars at bay
Lee history is best-seller!
Lee litter pick
New beginnings:
by Revd David Burgess

Newsletter editor in dock!
Playground appeal
Return of 'Out of the blue'

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