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The Newsletter is published 10 times a year and distributed free within the Parish. We welcome all letters and articles of general interest and relevance to The Lee. The views expressed are not necessarily those of the Editor.
Copy should be sent by the 12th of the previous month to the Editor.
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Your Letters
Consort Choir sets mood on Remembrance
newsletter HS2: the timetable for action
Countdown to Christmas
Was HS2 vote a labour trap?
Lee Common School
Firework night
How critical is the moment?
I'm sorry we hadn't a clue!
Reflections on a year's end
Learn how to get a grip
Your thoughts on the church
Needlework is second to none
Les nouvelles de Fromelles
Lee website make-over
On the verge of a rant!
Winter fixtures get results
Storm damage
New role for St John the Baptist Church
Choir Concert cancelled
Picture of the month:
Consort Choir at The Lee

Your Letters
All change at the shop!
HS2 update
Bonfire and fireworks
The Lee Parish Council
Lee Common School
The voice of God
Leeside Nursery
Lee allotment vineyard!
Tangiers by bike!
A kiss is just a kiss..
The sound of Christmas
Kings Lane Story
From the Forum
The Lee WI
Ballinger Village Morning
Well! What do you know?
No. 10 The 2011 Census Part 3

Picture of the month:
Lee allotment vineyard!

Neighbourhood return

Your Letters
HS2 fights back!
A thriving church - part 1
A son’s tribute to John Fortgang
A thriving church - part 2
Scouts adventure
County News
Dog bites horse!
Stirring songs of remembrance
Last of the summer fun!
Roving Supper
Martin the Milkman
Newsletter Annual Dinner
Breathtaking strings!
I am Siamese if you please...
Cream Teas thank you
Flower Show winners
Community Shops make good sense!
Picture of the month:
Children’s BBQ at the Cock and Rabbit

The Lee Cricket Club
Well! What do you know?
No. 9 The Emperor Hawk-moth

The Lee Parish Council
The Lee WI

Your Letters
A word from the new Clerk
HS2 critics turn up the volume
The Lee Parish Council
Lee circular walk No. 10
John Fortgang: 1940-2013
Whose church is it anyway?
Birthday girl cuts the dash!
All change at the Shop @ The Lee
Lee village choir rocks!
It's coffee on a grand scale!
Another splendid summer in The Lee
Supper on the move!
Perfect day for the Flower Show
Scout fund-rasing a very British thing
Tea-tent debut a piece of cake!
The Lee Old Church Trust
Bucks too-high death-rate must
come down

The Lee WI
Well! What do you know?No. 8
The 2011 Census Pt 2

The Red Cross needs you!
Picture of the Month:
The Amos Ensemble

Your Letters
An Autumn quartet
HS2 update
Annual Parish Meeting
Telling the story
Cricket at Manor Park
The best of the summer still to come...
The Lee Fête 2013 - fated!
Our garden Scannappeal
Lee Common C of E School
Swan Bottom Flypast
Leeside Nursery
The Lee WI
The Lee playground
Chiltern Ridges News
The listening shop
Welcome back
Picture of the month:
'Kick 'n' Splash'

Your Letters
Entente Cordiale

Chris Ruttle
The Lee Fete
HS2 Update
The Lee Flower Show
Take part in Planning Consultation
Flower Show Dance
The County Council and you
A classic act
Joan Johnson: in memory
Litter Louts!
Footpath maintenance
How has The Lee changed since 1953?
Equestrian Highway
Did you go down in the
woods today?

Lee Common C of E School
For the beauty of the earth
The Lee WI
The Lee Parish Council
Summertime with the choir

Picture of the month:
Chris Ruttle

Your Letters
The Lee Flower Show...

Christian Aid Week: 12th-18th May
... and later, live with Jumpin!
HS2 Judicial Review
Shop @ The Lee
Lee Common School
Litter picking
Parish Council News
An in-depth look at pot-holes!
Charity Cycle-ride to Tangiers!
A Kings Lane Story
Parish Hall Barbeque
Bored with gardening?
From the Forum
Hospice of St Francis: Plant Sale
The Lee Parish Hall
Well! What do you know? No. 7
The 2011 Census Pt 1

The Lee WI
Picture of the Month:
Jubilee Wood planting

Unreliable Evidence

Your Letters
HS2: Still the chance to cause an upset

Facing the challenge
HS2: the truth!
Have you room for a wheelie-bin?
Lee Common School
Tony Chilton 1934 - 2013
The French are (still) coming!
Help us to boost owl numbers
The Lee WI
Marathon girl
Your Parish needs YOU!
New record for Roving Supper
Shop thief!
Now's the time to get serious
Scammer alert
Liberty was beacon of the
decorative arts

Time to marvel at the spring
Vintage Film Group

Mystery picture of the month!

Your Letters
A date for the Fȇte

HS2 update
The lost apples of The Lee
Les Fromellois arriveront!
'Contact the Eldery' Group
Dead and buried?
The children's allotment
Smash and Grab!
Lee Common School
Closure of Bridleway
Leeside Nursery
Chiltern Ridges News
Ballinger DFAS
The Lee WI
LeeWay update
So who was the mysterey snow sculptor?
Race night at Bellinger Village Hall
The village archive
In a little corner!
Picture of the month:
Pothole repairs get resource boost!

The Lee off-road cycle tours No. 20

Your Letters
HS2: taking stock!
The Lee Jubilee Wood
A Night at the Races
Why not join the Parish Council?
Carousing with the choir Litter bugging
Lee Common School
The Lee W I
Volunteer wanted
The world of Jesus
Fayrfax fantastic!
Parish Council photo
From the Forum
Disaster averted!
Litter louts about?
Electoral Roll
Get your copy: while stocks last!
Men, women... and food for all seasons!
Out and about on the Chiltern Ridges
Three wise men... or four
Well! What do you know?
No. 6 Leading from the front

Playground perfection
Rain, rain, go away...

Fraud and Internet crime
Fuel poverty funding for Bucks
A voice for the vulnerable
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