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February 2015
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newlsetters Ballinger DFAS
By Peter Archer

In addition to being a member of the Editorial Team, I now find myself Chairman of Ballinger Decorative and Fine Arts Society. By the time this edition of The Newsletter reaches our readers’ doorsteps I will have held the first meeting in the Chair for Ballinger DFAS and will have experienced just what I have let myself in for!

As many of you will probably know, Ballinger DFAS is one of many societies around the country associated to the National Society. In total there are approximately 90,000 members of all the societies, of which Ballinger is one of the smaller ones having just under 150 members, many of whom were originally drawn from Ballinger and The Lee.

We meet in Ballinger War Memorial Hall on the last Thursday in the month at 8:00 pm to hear a talk given by a leading specialist lecturer on a varying range of arts-related subjects. Later this month the lecture will be about the relationships between artists and their models. The lectures are invariably absorbing and provide us with a deeper understanding of a wide range of subjects including some which we never thought would interest us!

This year we have decided to expand our membership a little and, unusually, no longer have a waiting list of people aspiring to become members. So, if you had always thought you might like to join a NADFAS society but had always believed there was a long waiting list, don’t be put off. Give me a ring on 837933 and I can tell you all about it and give details of the programme for the year ahead.

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