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February 2015
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newlsetters Beavers visit
By Alvin Evans-Woodward, Beaver Section Leader On 8th December 2014, the 1st Lee Common Beavers attended Mrs Stewart-Liberty’s home to present her with a plant that they had potted and grown as part of their friendship and global badges.

Mrs Stewart-Liberty was very welcoming to my 19 Beavers. The Beavers sang a couple of Christmas songs and she gave them all drinks and refreshments. She gave the Beaver troop a lucky dip to do and it transpired that she had made a donation of £1,000 and the children had to find it. They had such fun and the Beavers were totally blown away by her generosity as was I. The donation will go a long way to helping with 2015 camp and the purchase of new tents for the Beavers.

To Mrs Stewart-Liberty a big thank you from the 1st Lee Common Beavers.

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