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February 2015
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newlsetters Blue tits in the lounge
By Andrew Jordan

One of the hazards of living in the countryside I never realised before we moved here is that the wildlife could come inside the house!

I often hear the thud as a baby blue tit flies into one of my windows in the early hours of the morning or the late hours of the evening – maybe the bird’s senses are askew in the ‘half-light’? Whatever it is, the thud used to make me jump but I’m getting used to it now though the dog always seems a little startled by the noise.

newlsettersThe newest craze of these little feathered ‘missiles’ is to find their way in through the open door or window – but then they don’t seem to be able to find their way back out. It’s startling enough to find a bee or wasp buzzing around the lounge but a baby blue tit is quite something else.

Once in the room, they seem to want to fly upwards and thus hit the ceiling not realising that they came in lower. The first time it happened was a few days ago and the little chap settled on the light fitting in the middle of the ceiling but the latest attempt at ‘squatting’ ended up with a larger chap perched on my beautiful white orchid.

newlsettersThis little chap was not bothered by my presence and sat still long enough, not only for his portrait, but also for me to carry the orchid outside and set him free.

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