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February 2015
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newlsetters Celebrating in fine style!
By Colin Sully

The Lee Newsletter celebrated its 13th anniversary with its now customary annual dinner at the Parish Hall in December.

Kelly Stone was the invited speaker and she reflected eloquently on how her extensive travels throughout the world have served to reinforce the fact that The Lee is such a special place to always return to.

An experiment was conducted on the night to test whether the acoustics in the hall could be improved by everyone bringing a large cardigan, a woolly coat or blanket and draping it over their chair. Our acoustics expert reported that she wasn’t convinced it had done much to reduce the maximum noise level (dB Max?) but that the average pitch had probably been reduced! Whatever the science, the consensus seems to have been that it was indeed a fine evening.

The Newsletter Award for 2014 was presented to John Glanfield for his excellent contributions over many, many years – see Your Letters.

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