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February 2015
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newlsetters More telecom exchanges...
By John Parfit and Paul Farrelly

JP: I also did quite a lot to understand and improve my mobile reception. When we first arrived I was on Orange, which was awful. I looked at the coverage maps and decided on Vodafone. This was also because they offered the Suresignal.

This was a mistake (for me). The coverage was awful even outside and the Suresignal never worked properly due to my flaky internet connection.

PF: Yes, any VOIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) needs a reasonable internet connection.

JP: After my contract expired I tried again. This time I bought a mobile signal test scanner off the internet which scans all mobile signals and gives a ranked list of local 2G cells with their performance. You are more than welcome to borrow the scanner if other people want to use it to test their location. Based on this I selected O2. They also now do an app for Smartphones called O2 Connect that allows you to make and receive calls via Wi-Fi, like Suresignal. Again I have had mixed results with this as it’s not great at swapping backwards and forwards between Wi-Fi and the mobile signal. What I find works best, if I’m expecting or making an important mobile call, is to turn off 3G and mobile data in the phone’s settings and make it stick to the stronger 2G signal.

PF: Spot on …. Push the phone to 2G as that is pure voice and has a signal range 3 x data on 3G.

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