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February 2015
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Parish Council news
By Jo Jordan, Clerk to The Lee Parish Council

The Parish Council would like to wish all residents a healthy and peaceful 2015.

Following several consultations with Bucks County Council they have informed us that the gullies near The Cock & Rabbit have been emptied and are working well. They are also monitoring the ditch and surrounding area at the bottom of Red Lion Hill following the works done last year. BCC have also confirmed that they are doing some work on the gullies and ditches at the Swan Bottom crossroads. They are also considering putting in double height kerbs in some parts of Swan Bottom crossroads.

The Parish Council has now allocated responsibility for the footpaths in the parish to each individual councillor. The footpaths will be monitored during the year but if you come across any problems please let the clerk know.

The Parish Council has attempted to get a salt heap put at the junction of Princes Lane and Lee Clump road but this was refused by the local authority. They did however say that in extreme/severe winters they would consider placing salt in some additional areas at their discretion. We have been informed by our local Bucks County Council councillor that an inspection of the roads and signs in the county will be made and that all ‘illegal’ signs will be removed. If anyone wishes to reclaim their unlawful sign they will have to pay £50 to recover it.

At the last Parish Council meeting it was agreed to ask the local authority for an increase in the precept for the parish for 2015/2016. The Parish Council has considered approximately 30 planning applications for the area during 2014. The details of these applications can be seen on the Chiltern District Council website but if anyone wants information please contact the Parish Council Clerk by email on:

There is one vacant allotment at present – please contact the Clerk if you are interested.

Duke of Edinburgh
David Goss from the Duke of Edinburgh Scheme attended the last parish council meeting to discuss ways of working together to alleviate the litter situation that often arises from groups of young people in the summer. The young people on the scheme are without adult supervision all of the time to encourage self-reliance and motivation. However, David is looking at ways of identifying each group and making the adult supervisor aware of this issue of litter.

It is expected that local petitioners will be called before the Select Committee some time in the next few months, but the actual date is still to be confirmed. The Parish Council are still working closely with CRAG in connection with the petitioning process and urge any individual petitioner who wishes to attend the Select Committee, to present their own petition, to prepare well in advance. CRAG or the Parish Council are available to offer assistance to individuals who would like this.

The Parish Council is aware that some parts of the playground area need attention and this will be dealt with as the weather improves. There has been less dog-fouling in the allotment/playground areas and thank you to all the people who have helped make the improvement. Please continue to be vigilant as there is still some fouling.

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