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February 2015
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newlsetters The New Year
By Reina Free

I made a start writing this story on the first day of the New Year 2015. Christmas came and went and I do hope that it was for each one of you a time of joy, fun and celebration.

For a few weeks due to a very nasty fall, dank mornings and the many deep potholes, I was unable to go on what I call my Kings Lane trail.

Nevertheless, and in spite of being the country woman that I am, I have already spotted quite a few interesting and amusing things in nature. Rooks in treetops were gazing at each other, a magpie inspecting an untidy nest, blue tits slipping in and out of the nest box. This time of the year the robin sings a delightful very gentle song. The badgers are also about digging up the lawn but I do not mind. Near the door of the Church one solitary primrose blooms and there are daisies in the verges, I get carried away: yet no bluebell shoots. I also spotted large flocks of redwings which come down from the north; so cold weather could be on the way soon.

On New Year’s Eve, all over the world, there were huge elaborate fireworks displays possibly lasting 30 minutes or more and yet also all over the world there are people who have not even clean water to drink or enough to eat; so much suffering. Something is wrong.

The dustman came to empty overflowing bins, boxes with leftover food and wine bottles now empty.

Even so the problems of 2014 have not gone away. On the contrary, even during the first few days of this year they have increased.

So what do I do to maintain a sensible balance? I believe in prayer, I do not go into a religious huddle, I talk to God as a loving understanding friend.

I am one of these lucky people who is quickly happy and there are so many things to be grateful for.

Quite soon I will be back walking along my beloved Kings Lane, observing in detail the so many interesting things of nature and, in the stillness, having a word for all kinds of people and all kinds of things.

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