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February 2015
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newlsetters The old days
By Trish Swain

In early December at a function in the Old Church, we were reminiscing about the Christmas Teas held there in the past for members of the Darby and Joan Club. Sadly, this folded quite some time ago but happily, it has been replaced by two wonderful groups meeting locally which offer entertainment and a chance for a catch up over tea and cake.

Normally the meetings are held on different days, but on Sunday 14th December last year ‘Contact the Elderly’ and ‘The Vintage Film Club’ joined forces and were welcomed into Anthea and Jeff Hartley’s home. Guests and volunteer hosts, cake bakers and drivers were greeted with a glass of sparkly or sherry and enjoyed a natter. A truly magnificent tea was served, half way through which we sang carols, each one chosen by a guest. Pam Hearn provided the accompaniment and Diana Taylor rallied the singers. Keith and Diana Taylor had selected seasonal readings by Shakespeare and a poet of the Great War. Jeff Hartley gave a brilliant rendition of Benjamin Zephaniah's ‘Talking Turkeys!’ to the amusement of one and all.

More cake was consumed and then each guest was ferried home clutching a beautifully wrapped gift and a poinsettia, but not before Joyce Swain had given a vote of thanks, in the best traditions of the WI.

Talking about the afternoon with Joyce as I took her home, she observed that in her younger days she had been a helper at such events rather than a recipient. Let’s hope that this cycle continues for us all, but in the meantime, thanks are due to all the hosts, helpers and drivers.

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