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March 2015
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newlsettersChurch Trails
By Peter Archer

Pupils from Year 6 at Great Missenden School took part in the launch last month of the Church Trail prepared by Ballinger Decorative and Fine Arts Society for St Peter and St Paul Church in Great Missenden.

June Graveson, Head of Church Trails at NADFAS, who attended the Launch, explained that there are 240 registered church trails in the UK. The aim is to encourage 7-11 year olds and their families to familiarise themselves with the buildings and to gain a sense of Christian history.

The trail was produced by Diana Smith, a member of Ballinger DFAS, with the support of Sarah Harris and Ann Beaton, who is in charge of church trails in the South Mercia NADFAS area. The launch was supported by Ballinger DFAS members who helped Year 6 groups in carrying out the trail on Monday 9th February.

The pupils found the trail was fun to complete and discovered a whole range of facts which told a fascinating story of the past.

St Peter and St Paul is an open church, so do come in (with accompanying adults) to try it out. Look for the A4 two-sided worksheet – and the separate sheet of answers. A church trail will also be launched soon at Little Missenden church.

Ballinger DFAS is a society that holds monthly evening lectures in Ballinger Memorial Hall. For further information please contact the Membership Secretary, Rosemary Wilkinson on 01494 864819 or

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