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March 2015
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newlsettersFriends of Fromelles
By John Ford

At a meeting in the Parish Hall on 25th January ‘The Association of the Friends of Fromelles’ was attendance were recorded as founder members, being:Hart,and Barnaby Usborne, Carlton Siddle, George Barnaby, Judith and Chris Syer, Simon and Ros, Sarah and Michael Dubus and me.were received from a number of others.

Following the forming of the association it was agreed to invite members of our sister organisation ‘L’association des Amis de The Lee’ to visit the village during the Flower Show this July. With regards to funding, it wasthat it was premature to raise money for events at this early stage. No bank account would be set up yet.

It was also agreed that we should approach our friends in Fromelles to ask them about plans for the centenary of the battle in 2016 and to broach the idea of a cycle trip from The Lee to Fromelles at that time. We would emphasise that this would be self-supporting and would not require any accommodation. The group was mindful that this will be a busy time for the village and its residents with many Australian visitors planning to visit there already.

There was a discussion about the involvement of schools and younger people, as this was something raised regularly by Les Amis as being an objective. It was felt that given the small numbers and young age of children at The Lee school and the dispersal of older children to a number of other schools this might be better achieved by approaching particular families with school-age children during the next visit. We would arrange visits to The Lee school if practicable and also look to approach the Scouts and Brownies.

The association will aim to meet again in about three months’ time on a date to be confirmed. If anyone else is interested in participating in the association or any of its events, please let me know.

As an aside, one of the host families last summer is looking to arrange work experience for their 18-year old son for a few months this summer. Again if anyone has any suggestions for this please let me know.

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