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March 2015
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By Colin Sully

One of the useful features that The Lee Forum provides is the ability to post notices of events that have come in too late to be included in this Newsletter. For example; we learnt of a ‘Trail Marathon’ that would pass through Swan Bottom on 21st February too late to be included in this February edition; similarly an Equine Information Event in late-February and the pop-up restaurant at the Parish Hall in at the end of January.

If you have late-news of something about to happen in The Lee, why not share it on the Forum. It now has over 500 registered members, around half of which have signed up to be emailed with any new topic that appears (the rest hopefully look in regularly to see what they have missed).

The Forum also continues to carry its usual collection of messages from people seeking to acquire or dispose of something… everything from bantam chickens to ski boots and from a dining table to a drum teacher.

Why not pay a visit to The Lee Forum at

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