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March 2015
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newlsettersScouts show their mettle
By Thomas Brockett

On Saturday 7th February the 1st Lee Common Scouts proved to the towns that you never underestimate a quiet little village. You are probably wondering what I’m on about.

The Scouts (10-14 year olds) took part in a hiking competition, a 10-mile route that was set around Hastoe, St Leonards, Ashridge and Lee Common. If you were wondering what all the children with yellow vests and adults, acting as their ‘shadows’ trying to keep up, were doing on Saturday evening, it was because of this hiking competition called ‘Quest.’ The competition was against 47 other teams from around the county, from places such as Tingewick, Aylesbury, Linslade and Chesham Bois.

The day started in Amersham at St Mary’s Church where all the teams gathered to have their kit checked and listen to the briefing about the event from the organisers. Each year there is a theme for the event; this year was the anniversary of the Magna Carta. All the kids were stunned when King John made an appearance and gave the briefing (he wasn’t bad-looking for a guy that’s been dead for quite a few hundred years, but was still looking for his crown jewels).

Once the hikers found out what they had to do on the event they were all driven out to their starting locations on the route at around 3:00 pm. Once they were checked in at their first base, the clock started and they could start walking. Dotted around the route were bases; each base had an activity to do such as, at our hut, archery.

Points were gained on having all the right kit (when they were back at the Church), how well they completed each activity at the bases, behaviour and team spirit. Every team had three pass-cards if there was a queue at any of the bases or they didn’t fancy doing the activity. Although they were timed around the route, their time taken didn’t contribute to their final score. Their time was only taken into account if they had an equal score with another team.

We were represented by Oliver Tebbs, William Hylton, Libby Norton, Merryn Sultaria and Ben Harris. They started the route with a quick walking pace between each base, even at times breaking into a trot (poor shadow).

The team achieved 457 points which put us into tenth place out of 47 teams including the junior and open section, which is against explorer scouts (15-16 year-olds).

We came sixth out of the 41 teams in the junior section.

This was a very impressive achievement due to the fact that, apart from Oliver, none of them had done Quest before and the route was a long, hard slog compared to previous years.

When we got back to the finish HQ, at St John’s Methodist chapel in Amersham-on-the-Hill, we found that we were the second team back, behind an explorer troop; this was pretty impressive. It made our preparation all worthwhile.

Their shadow said “they are a credit to Lee Common”. Well done!

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