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April 2015
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Could spring be sprung?
By Reina Free

At the end of February, quite unexpected, we woke up to a snow-covered world. It did not last long – by lunch-time it was almost all gone.

Going along Kings Lane to my surprise and sheer joy I saw quite a large flock of lapwings (pewits), maybe as many as 30. Last year two pairs nested in the field opposite the white cottages and reared nine babies.

I love lapwings: the way they fly, rise and glide. I like their call, their rounded shape in colours black and white.

Could spring be on the way? I like to think so, as I see crocuses, daffodils, blue-bells, coming up, and primroses. Hares chasing each other. Blue tits examining nest boxes – and all this is going on in the first few days of March.

But have you noticed the huge flock of pigeons? I wonder if they come from a country to the north. They seem to me smaller and a darker plumage. They like to feed on the fields with just up-coming barley and oats. They descend to the tops of large trees for a rest, then suddenly fly up and away.

I wonder when I will see the arrival back of the first swallow.

There is so much solace and joy in observing the things of nature, even for just a few minutes. Yes, the pot-holes in Kings Lane are now even bigger and deeper and the possibility of HS2 remains. Mind you it may never happen.

However it seems spring has arrived. And so as the saying goes: “spread the joy around!”

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