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newlsettersIn memory of Robin Allison
By Charles Allison

My father Robin Allison of the Old Cottage, The Lee, passed away on 3rd March after a short illness. He was born on 23rd June 1922 in Shanklin in the Isle of Wight to a regular army officer and his wife. He was well-educated, becoming the first head-boy at Edge Grove School near Radlett and winning a scholarship to Kings School, Canterbury.

The Second World War interrupted his education and he was commissioned into the Royal Artillery in late 1940, having completed his officer cadet training at Alton Towers! He was posted to Algiers in 1943 to join the 1st Army, which was merged into the 8th Army, and he was involved in the invasion of Sicily and then the fighting up the east coast of Italy until peace was declared.

Life post-war
He was then posted to the Army of occupation in Austria where some old photographs suggest he enjoyed some skiing! In early 1947 he was posted to Palestine as part of the peace-keeping force and a year later returned to the UK to regimental jobs, including one in Nottingham where I now live. He found these jobs rather dull and in 1951 volunteered to join the Commonwealth Division, keeping the peace between North and South Korea.

After 12 months he ended up in Tokyo, as part of the British Delegation to UN forces in the Far East, and a year later he’d accumulated enough leave which he decided to spend in Australia, arranging a free flight on a DC-3 to Sydney. He talked in later years of how much he had enjoyed Australia and how it was 50-50 as to whether he would come back to the UK. His route back to the UK was interesting, via Darwin, Colombo, Karachi, Baghdad and Tunis!

He spent a couple of years in staff jobs in the UK until 1956 when, disillusioned with Army life, he resigned his commission and ended up as a director of a firm that designed and built refrigerated storage units.

Family life
In 1958 he married Juliette and had my sister Jocelyn and me, settling down to family life in Flackwell Heath. Sadly in 1968 Juliette died of cancer, which hit him very hard.

In 1971 he married Gill and moved to Radlett. His involvement in politics started in earnest at this point – I remember meetings of the local Conservative association taking place in the dining room. He also joined the Rotary Club in Radlett and remained a member for many years. In 1981 Gill died and the business went into voluntary liquidation – a victim of the recession in those years.

He met Susan and a new and happy chapter of his life started. They were married in 1984 and he moved to The Lee. He felt very welcome in the community and was active in a number of areas. He enjoyed beagling around the country and was a leading light in the local branch of the Conservative Party. Despite his best intentions to see the result of the forthcoming general election, sadly, this was not to be.

Although we are mourning his loss he enjoyed a full life and lived to see four grand-children and his first great-grandchild. As a family we have been very touched by the many messages of sympathy and esteem in which he was held.

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