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April 2015
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newlsettersTime to shout about the shop
By Symeon Economou - Manager, The Lee Parish Shop

Some positive outcomes from my recent post on the Forum about newspaper deliveries got me thinking that perhaps we haven’t shouted about the Shop enough. As one of our regular customers would say: “It’s all about marketing, Symeon.”

With this phantom voice in my ear I took a look at footfall and, lo and behold, it is falling year on year. Not by much, but on the principle that ‘many a mickle makes a muckle’, over the span of a year, it all mounts up.

One thing I have noticed in my time at the Shop is that the demographic in the immediate area is changing, with some younger families coming in. If that is true it might be that we will have to evolve and set our stall out a bit differently to appeal to a wider ‘audience’. We do try new products from time to time but it would be good to have some input from our customers.

So, if you are a regular customer, please tell us what you like about the Shop and if you would like something different. If you are an occasional customer what is it that keeps you from becoming a regular one? And if you hardly ever, or never, come in - why not? What can we do to entice you?

Over the next few weeks I will be looking at a few things we could introduce to the Shop, so if you have any thoughts please drop me an email at

I never mention the Shop without praising the efforts of the army of volunteers that keeps it going. Their hard work and wide range of talents and personalities make it what it is. It is my job to ensure their efforts bring the maximum benefit to the community for which the Shop exists.

So if you are new to the area why not think about joining the ranks of the volunteers? It’s good fun, you will meet lots of people and your time will be greatly appreciated by the community. You don’t necessarily have to commit to a regular shift since flexible ‘casuals’ are just as valuable. So please pop in and leave your details and I will do my best to draw you in.

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