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April 2015
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No. 16 Apps for April

By Colin Sully

Nowadays, the IT-literate generation, particularly the city-dwellers, seem to talk endlessly about ‘apps’ – an abbreviation for ‘applications software’ and used to describe software that can run on your mobile phone, tablet or personal computer.

It is almost impossible to pick up a newspaper or magazine these days without someone recommending “a really useful app”.

So, not to be left out, here are a couple of Newsletter recommended apps for rural-dwellers that you may have missed when they appeared in Countryside Magazine:

App: What bird?
Identifying birds from the mess on your windscreen is a tricky task for novices, but take a photo of the mess, and then this app compares samples from a comprehensive database covering the 596 species on the UK list. Updates are also available to cover rare and scarce species, introductions and escapees.

App: Whose field?
Similarly, should you park accidentally in a gateway, obstructing access to farmland, then this app will identify the owner of the land from the impression that the tractor tyres make on the roof of your car.

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