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Chiltern Ridges HS2 Action Group

The Chiltern Ridges HS2 Action Group (CRAG) was originally created to represent local views in trying to protect the Chiltern Ridges area and its residents from the adverse impacts of the construction and running of HS2. Working closely with local authorities and other interested parties, it campaigned vigorously during the Parliamentary stages of the HS2 Hybrid Bill from 2010 through to 2017 to achieve improved mitigation for the area. It held regular well-attended public meetings for affected residents.

In February 2017, with Royal Assent for the Phase 1 Bill due to be given and with construction in the area due to start, CRAG stepped aside from its role in representing local residents - recognising that Parish, District and County Councils were better placed to represent local interests during the actual construction phase.

CRAG continues to hold a watching brief on HS2 issues and Board members (see below) remain available for advice and support.

Some key HS2 dates coming up soon are listed here.

If you would like any further information:
  • Sign up to The Lee Forum at
  • Visit the HS2 Action Alliance website
  • Contact one of the Chiltern Ridges HS2 Action Group Directors or Team Leaders:
Simon Morris (Chair)
Tim Hart (Treasurer)
Kathryn Gurney
Barnaby Usborne
Michael Jepson
Colin Sully
    Mike Johnstone 862693