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boeing New flight paths - The Lee under threat
A consultation document has been issued by the National Air Traffic Service (NATS) outlining plans to re-route certain air corridors in the South of England. As they stand, they represent a serious threat to the tranquillity of The Lee and the Chilterns Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty (AONB).

Below you will find a range of useful information on the proposals and how and where to lodge your objections... but remember the key thing to do is to protest!!!

NOTE: The formal consultation period ended on June 19th, but it is still not too late to contact your MP, the CAA, Defra, etc.

The latest position as reported to The Lee Newsletter is here.  You might also want to look at the Chiltern Countryside Group (which contains
reports and help pages, including the ability to see Heathrow’s arrivals and departures) and the Wigginton Action Group

Click here to see the views on this issue of visitors to this site; send your comments to:
Detailed information on the NATS proposals:

A Guide to opposing NATS (pdf file): including a list of who to let know your views.

A background note by David Jones: Background

A fuller discussion of the proposals by an airline pilot resident in The Lee (pdf file): Review

The Lee Parish Council's response to NATS.

The Bucks County Council's resonse to NATS.

Complaints about existing flights (Luton AIrport):
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