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Crossroads 2 Dear Diary

The fastest way to let everyone in the Parish know about an event you are arranging is to publish it in The Lee Newsletter, knowing that it will then automatically find its way here.

Contact: Paul Apicella   01494 837377  by the 12th of the previous month.


Thursday 31st The Arts Society Ballinger ‘O For the Wings of a Dove’ - the life of a cathedral chorister Robert Askew. 8:00 pm. Guests £8.  
Saturday 2nd Coffee Morning Lee Common Methodist Church 10:30 am to 12 noon.  
Thursday 7th The Lee Walking Group Meet at The Lee Green at 9:30 am.  
Tuesday 12th Ballinger Evening WI ‘The importance of Musical Education’: Virginia Burgess. 8:00 pm.  
Saturday 23rd Digital Archive Day at the Parish Hall. See Feb Newsletter
Thursday 28th The Arts Society Ballinger ‘London’s Changing Skyline, Past Present and Future’ 8:00 pm. Guests £8.

Coming Soon

Saturday 2nd March Coffee Morning at the Methodist Church.  
Thursday 7th March The Lee Walking Group Meet at 9:30 am.  
Saturday 9th March 50s and 60s Legends Night at Ballinger Hall. Live golden oldies music with dinner and dancing. Save the date.  
Tuesday 12th March The Lee Parish Council Meeting Parish Hall 7:30 pm.  
Tuesday 12th March Ballinger Evening WI ‘Building Georgian Towns’: Adam Smith. 8:00 pm.  
Saturday 23rd March Gregorian Chance at The Lee Old Church. See Feb Newsletter
Sunday 24th March Litter pick-up   See Feb Newsletter
Thursday 28th March The Arts Society Ballinger From Bronzes to Banksy - an armchair tour of public and street art.’ 8:00 pm. Guests £8.  
Tuesday 9th April Ballinger Evening WI ‘Volunteering in Cambodia’: Carol McCutheon. 8:00 pm  
Sunday 14th April The Lee Od Church AGM    
Tuesday 14th May Ballinger Evening WI The Thames Path: Jo Laurie.  
Tuesday 11th June Ballinger Evening WI ‘Seated Flexibility Exercises’: Joan Cooper. 8:00 pm.  
Saturday 15th June The Lee Church Fête   See Feb Newsletter
Tuesday 9th July Ballinger Evening WI Bagels and Bacon: Jeff Rozelaar.  
Saturday 20th July The Lee Flower Show Save the date!  
Tuesday 10th September Ballinger Evening WI ‘The Disappearance of Major Glenn Miller’: Tony Eaton.  
Tuesday 8th October Ballinger Evening WI ‘Rags to Riches to giving it all away’: Andrew Carnegie: Jeremy Holmes.  
Tuesday 5th November Bonfire night! Save the date!  
Tuesday 12th November Ballinger Evening WI (AGM) ‘Teaching Anecdotes’: Len Instone  
Saturday 16th November Roving Supper Save the date!  
Tuesday 12th December Ballinger Evening WI Christmas Party.