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Right from the very first programme, The Lee has featured regulary in the popular televison series Midsomer Murders and has now had starring roles as three different identities.

In the first series The Lee appeared as Badgers Drift, the main centre of the action in the pilot episode ‘The Killings at Badgers Drift’. Action returned to Badgers Drift twice more in the second series, filmed in 1997 and 1998.

In 2002 The Lee was featured as Midsomer Florey in the episode Painted in Blood’, which included only one murder!

In 2007 we had another name change, becoming Midsomer Holm, in an episode called ‘Death in a Chocolate Box’.

Our intrepid reporters have sometimes been on hand during filming to get an off-the-record perspective and a few informal photos. Here are some recent examples:
We also have our very own Midsomer walk - but do take care!

For a much more detailed account of the television series - including the identities of the very many local locations used in the programmes - visit:

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