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Teams visiting The Lee for the first time are always struck by the charm and attractiveness of the ground - and, these days, by the quality of the pitch. Club members lucky enough to play season after season of cricket at The Lee know that they are privileged to play on one of the most beautiful grounds in England.

In 1999 the club joined the Kookaburra Mid Bucks Village League and played league cricket for the first time, winning promotion at the first attempt from Division 2 to Division 1.  This was followed by promotion to the Premier League in 2001 and finishing third in the Premier League in 2003. The club continues to combine Saturday league cricket with the traditional timed games played on Sundays.

New players
will always find a warm welcome.

Colts Cricket

Colts cricket at The Lee CC has been running since 2001. For both boys and girls, the aim is to introduce children at an early age to the game of cricket and develop their skills all the way through their teen years and into adulthood.
Colts Starting at age 5 (qualification is age 5 on or before September 1st the previous year), the focus is on fun whilst balancing this with some basic cricketing skills. As the children get older, more formal coaching is introduced.

With 9 qualified ECB (English Cricket Board) coaches, we have the knowledge and understanding to help children realise their full potential.

The coaching sessions take place on Friday evenings at 6pm. There is a licensed bar at the club with a barbeque running every week.

To find out more, please contact Andy Devoy or even turn up on a Friday evening to meet the coaches, club members, children and parents.
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A brief history of the Club
The first recorded cricket match on the Lee Manor Park ground was on 2nd May, 1875, when The Lee Common Amateur Cricket Club hosted a match against local Rivals Prestwood. The Newspaper report began as follows:
"the first match of the L.C.A.C. club was played on Monday last, and a well contested game took place, with eleven members of the Prestwood Cricket Club, in the park of A. Watson, Esq., Lee, kindly lent by that gentleman for the occasion. The Result was a complete victory for the home team..."

In fact the "complete victory”, in a match played, like most of the early games, over two innings, consisted of a win by just 13 runs.

The club's "modern" history dates from 1900, when local boundaries were altered and the club adopted it present name. In that year the Liberty family took up residence in the parish and began to play an active part in the cricket club.

the lee cricket club ~1914

This photo of The Lee Cricketers in front of the Guild Room is difficult to date but around the time of the First world War, The headteacher, E Young is standing centre with a cigartette. Far right, also with cigarette in superior blazer is probably Teulon Sonnenschein (later Stalybrass).

The ground was enhanced by landscaping and the planting of several magnificent trees and the Club's facilities were gradually improved. In the early days the players changed into their cricket clothes in the open air. Eventually a wooden hut was erected. Later, the village Guild Rooms were used for changing and refreshment. In 1974 the club artisans built the present pavilion.

One of the most significant developments in recent years has been a dramatic improvement in the quality of the square. In the club's early days a total of more than 50 was quite exceptional; today, totals of over 200 are commonplace. Pitches at The Lee are now among the best in the Chilterns.

Another significant change came in 1999 when, following many years of discussion, the club played league cricket for the first time. The decision to combine Saturday league cricket with traditional timed games played on Sundays stemmed from the increasing difficulty of obtaining good quality Saturday fixtures and - equally important - the belief that league cricket would help to attract younger players and to raise playing standards. The club joined the Kookaburra Mid Bucks Village League, winning promotion at the first attempt from Division 2 to Division 1.

In September 2000 past and present players, together with the Club's President and vice-presidents, marked 125 years of cricket at The Lee with a celebratory dinner and a sponsored six a side tournament in aid of a local charity.

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Partick Walsh
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Martin Price
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Sue Bishop
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Press Officer / Website
Ed Boakes
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