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Flower Show scene The Lee Flower Show was originally introduced to the village by Arthur Liberty in 1892. Over a hundred and twenty-five years later, the Show is still held annually in mid-July at The Lee Manor Park and is as popular as ever, attracting entries and visitors from all across the Parish and from neighbouring villages.

There are now over a hundred exhibiting classes at the Show, including arts, handicraft, cookery and photography, as well as the traditional flower, fruit and vegetable classes. Children and adult races are also a link with the original show.

Stiltsman Recent shows have also included a dog show, children's entertainment, a scarecrow competition and a wide range of exhibitions and stands.

Music was provided by the Amersham Band.



Again in good show tradition, the day ended with The Lee Flower Show dance.

Chairman & Treasurer  
Jonathan Batten  
  01494 837450
Marilyn Burrows  
  01494 837434    
Entries Secretary
Ann Ash
  01494 837550
Senior Show Steward
Alison Weir
  01494 837529
Cups and prizes
John Horsman and
Adam Speller

  01494 837497
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