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The Lee Circular Walks - No. 6
October 2005

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walk no 6 From The Lee to Pednor (3.5 miles or 7 miles)
By Chris Syer

A choice of routes with the longer one taking you into Pednor vale.
  1. From the Cock & Rabbit in The Lee, take the unmade road opposite which heads East / South-East towards Field End, with some houses on the left and garages on the right. Ignore footpath on left and continue to a crossroads, then pass two houses on your right. Where the unmade road ends go through a gate and follow the path, emerging at The Pheasant in Ballinger.

  2. Here turn right onto the road by the village hall, and after about two hundred yards look carefully for a footpath on the left by the side of a house. Follow this towards Pednor, eventually coming to a large metal gate across the path.

  3. (At this point you have a choice – either of returning to the Lee making a walk of about 3.5 miles, or taking a longer route of about 7 miles in all.  If you want the longer route follow the instructions in paragraph 7, marked * below. If you want the shorter route, continue as described next):

  4. Turn left just before the gate, onto the Chiltern Link, keeping to left-hand side of the hedge. Where the path starts to go downhill, by a wood ahead on your right, take a left turn keeping the hedge on your left heading towards a metal farm gate at the far end of the field. Here go straight on into the woods, on a path which follows the backs of the houses of Chiltern Road in Ballinger.

  5. Where the footpath forks take the right-hand option and drop down the hill into Ballinger Bottom, bearing left (houses on right) on to the road. Cross over and enter the woods following the Chiltern Link route again. Emerge from the woods over a stile, and then after 50 yards back into the woods, going straight on all the way. On meeting the unmade road bear right, which will lead you back to the Cock & Rabbit.

  6. The short loop is around 3.5 miles, and depending on how fast you walk will take between 70 and 90 minutes.  The long route is about double this.

  7. * Turn right on to the wider track towards two houses and go straight on to their left, then down the hill to the road.  Here turn left, and at Wild Woods Cottage take the right fork up the hill, marked Little Hundridge Lane.  At a white house (Little Hundridge Orchard) turn left.  After passing a house with extensive stabling, do not follow the road down hill, but go straight on, eventually joining the road which is part of the Pednor loop.  

  8. After 50 yards turn left into Herbert’s Hole through double five-barred gates. Here is the headquarters of Chesham Model Flying Club, where as well as model planes you may find someone playing the bagpipes – a good spot for it being well away from any houses. Follow the track through Herbert’s Hole, emerging again at Wild Woods Cottage.  

  9. After the cottage turn right up the hill, returning to the metal gate across the path described above. Now follow the instructions from paragraph 4 above, starting ‘Turn left just before the gate’, but note that coming this way it is actually ‘turn right just after the gate’.
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