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The Lee Circular Walks - No. 7
May 2006

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From The Lee to the White Lion at Buckland Common (8.5 miles)
walk no 7 By Chris Syer

This walk takes in some of the local bluebell woods. These are usually at their best early in May, so the May Day Bank holiday is a good time to go.
  1. Starting from the Cock & Rabbit in The Lee, take the unmade road opposite towards Field End which heads east/south-east to the left of some garages. On reaching the woods on the left, take the footpath which forks left and follow this straight on to the road at Ballinger Bottom.

  2. Cross the road, turn right on the ‘Chiltern Link’ path, and at the last cottage turn left through the kissing gate and follow this path around two sides of a field. Shorts are not recommended here in summer as the path gets very overgrown. Enter the wood and go straight along its left-hand side. Where the field on your left ends take the bridleway up the left-hand side of another wood, and follow this straight on to a road.

  3. Cross this road and go straight on along the left-hand side of Grove Wood with its mixture of beech and holly, and then on leaving the wood head for the nearby road. Here turn left towards Lee Clump, and at Chapel Farm on the right enter the farmyard. At its end you should see a large gate and a stile just to its right. Take this path across a field and into a wood, emerging at Kiln Cottage on the road from The Lee to Swan Bottom. A path skirts the garden then follows the hedge on the right-hand side of the field.

  4. Enter the wood, then immediately turn right to a white house on the road. Here turn left, then right, up the side of its garden. At an unmade road turn left and enter Lordling Wood. Here you will see various tracks, but take the one furthest right. When the path forks take the left-hand fork, not the one on the right into a private garden. This path crosses the field and comes out on the road, and then continues straight on across fields, with Brun Grange on the left, eventually emerging at Old Brun’s Farm on Erriwig Lane.

  5. Cross the road, pass a barn on your left, and then go downhill to the nearest corner of Stonehill Wood ahead. Take the right-hand fork into the wood and ascend through plantings of birch and oak. Look for arrows on the trees and the path eventually joins a broad bridleway where you turn right. Shortly afterwards the track forks, and the right fork up the right-hand side of the wood is the one to take.

  6. The route then passes Dundridge Manor, and when the drive forks bear left onto the road. Here turn left, and left again at the junction. Ahead is the White Lion, which does decent meals and always has a good selection of real ales. You will now have walked almost six miles, and taken about two and a half hours.

  7. To return, retrace your steps past Dundridge Manor and where the track turns right go straight ahead on a smaller path by a small clump of larches. This goes uphill into a wood, down towards a field, and then up again to a copse ahead which encircles a small pond. At Erriwig Lane turn right, left in about 50 yards, and follow the path downhill. Where two paths can be seen take the left-hand one which appears to go through the middle of the next field. Enter the wood then come out into fields, with Kingswood House on the right, and cross the road at Swan Bottom, continuing straight on past Kingsvale Farm through fields with horses.

  8. At the woods turn left, then right in about 100 yards, back into field and emerge on the road by a pond and Home Farm in The Lee. The green can now be seen on your right. This return leg will take a little over an hour and is about two and a half miles, making a walk of nearly eight-and-a-half miles.
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